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•Past Events•

Tidal group 1

Tidal May 13th, 2016

Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center (IFCC: 5340 N Interstate Ave, Portland, OR 97217)
All Ages • More info and tickets:

Contemporary-fusion dance theater inspired by our inner and outer watery worlds with an original musical score performed live. Developed by dancer/musician Danielle Elizabeth, this is a premiere 2016 work from Portland based Evening Star Collective, a group of performing artists dedicated to multi-genre and multi-media collaborative work. The show will feature 10 solo and group choreographies with vocal and percussive arrangements for the dancers in dreamy aquatic melodies and odd-meters.

This show is unique amongst many dance endeavors in that the music was created specifically for and after the dance. Multi-instrumentalist musical director Paul Evans worked closely with each dancer to craft their sonic accompaniment. The band consists of a professional trio playing variety of winds, keys, and percussion instruments, drawing inspirations from Jazz as well as North African music.

Based on the rise and fall of the tides, concepts dive into the deep sea as well as journey to the celestial bodies that pull on our planet’s oceans. Inspired to create artwork that provokes environmental consciousness, the directors and cast of Tidal hope to perform this show a number of times this year, eventually donating a percentage of the profits to a conservation organization working to support the Ocean.

Jai Ho NYE Banner

Baksana dancers in a rare electronic-fusion set!

Baksana CD Release Party!!!!

Baksana CD Release image

Click on image for link to tickets.

Baksana is a group I co-direct with Paul Evans and we are STOKED to be releasing our first CD. Please come celebrate with us!


Really looking forward to this show on Thursday!

Also teaching a workshop while in town Thursday 10:30-1:30am : click here for info!


An excellent showcase featuring many styles of belly dance. I’ll be doing a special set to live music written by Paul Evans 😉

More info here!

Transylvanian Voodoo Ball with Vagabond Opera

November 2nd 2014 @ The Star Theater


Wanderlust Social

November 5th 2014 @ Dantes


Really excited to be joining these fiiiiine people! Dancing to some original compositions, the rest of the evening is mostly amazing jazz tunes with other fantastic circus/vaudeville acts.

News from the Hip Showcase (with Baksana)

November 15th 2014 @ Alhambra Theater


Baksana is cooking up a fun set for the showcase to celebrate its upcoming feature in the News from the Hip magazine!

Arcana Music and Dance Theater at the N.C.R.F

info here:

The debut of an exciting new project at the Northern California Renaissance Faire in Hollister, CA.

weekends September 13th-October 19th 2014 …


Vagabond Opera’s annual Day of the Dead show 11/2

Also at the Star Theater, this show is ALWAYS a fantastic time. Danielle will be dancing a live set with some of her all time favorite musicians! Another great band CHERVONA will be there rocking the house as well. This show is not to be missed!

Event Details:


Star Theater 13 NW Sixth Ave Portland, OR


Tribal Fest! May 17th, 9pm

A Tribal Fusion Dancer’s pilgrimage… Danielle will be performing with Rachel Brice’s Datura


Check here to see who else is performing! –There are 100’s of dancers!

Tribal Fest


Danse du Ventre : May 25th, 8pm

Alberta Rose Theater: 3000 NE Alberta Street, Portland Oregon

Illian 2

News from the Hip’s Spring Showcase, ‘Danse du Ventre’ is a rare and sumptuous evening of international, national and local bellydance proudly displaying the diverse talents of:
~Belinda Underwood
~Grace Constantine’s Deviant Dance Company
~Ashley Lopez
~Rachel Brice’s Datura
and presenting:
Illan Rivière
Live Music by Belinda Underwood and Justin Franzino;
MC Karissa Lowe.


Thank You Brass Menazerie!
Thank You Brass Menazerie!


To book Danielle for an event or a workshop please write to


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