Elemental Fusion


DATES: Wednesdays starting April 4th through May 9th
TIME: 6:30-7:30pm
LOCATION: Evening Star Studio 1847 E. Burnside suite 111A
(formerly Studio EP)
COST: $75 for full series • $15/class for drop in
(allowed for first 4 classes only)
PURCHASE: Paypal $75 to EveningStarPresents@gmail.com
(please note  “ELEMENTAL FUSION”)
Space is limited!


Embark on a journey to discover authentic movements through guided improvisations / visualizations inspired by the natural world to aid in crafting short choreographic studies that can be applied to any style of dance. Excellent for fusion choreographers, or those just wanting to diversify their vocabulary and try something new!

This practice is geared toward:
• Exploring and developing YOUR personal movement vocabulary.
• Solidifying improvisations into choreography contentiously.
• Sharing our process with one another each class.

Using the elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) as our guides through a series of contemporary dance based improvisations, we will activate our vibrant inner-landscapes to develop and expand our personal movement vocabularies.

Classes will move quickly through an energetic vinyasa sequence related to the session’s particular element, followed by a bit of dance conditioning. The bulk of class will focus on improvisational explorations and finally developing the improv material into 4 bar phrases to optionally share at the end of each class. The final 2 classes of the session will be dedicated to compiling, adjusting, and refining the phrases into longer choreographies and pairing the work to some music. You will be asked to work deeply and to confidently follow your intuition.


Elemental Fusion Mission Statement…

As dancers, we tend to develop a lot of “isms”, go-to movements that come up again and again, especially during improv or semi-improvised performances. A strong dancer will work to become aware of these isms in order to a) make them *intentional* choices or b) realize how to make different choices. I have found that dedicating oneself to sessions of guided improvisations, as a balance to dancing in a “follow along” class or personal practice, tends to open up movements that exist deeper in the psyche and can enrich overall dynamics and awareness…connecting with a stronger personal dance center no matter what style is being performed.

Working quickly, yet deeply, tests ones capacity for letting-go and relinquishing “perfection”, “preciousness”, and “control” (three big hang-ups that can prevent dancers from making authentic and evolutionary work). Sharing the process with others live, in real-time, develops accountability and courage.

Working with the elements connects with a wealth of personal sensory experience/memory from which to draw movements and dynamics outside our typical dance vocabulary. Most of us have experienced earth, air, fire, & water in non-dance moments. The elements themselves are unbiased. Their scope from microcosm to macrocosm expands our own understanding of our range of potent creativity.