Private Lessons


Private lessons are an excellent way to ensure you’re get the most out of your learning experience. What students learn in a one private lesson is often the equivalent of 4-5 (sometimes more) public lessons. The one-on-one setting offers a safe space for direct feedback about your technique and customized tips for practice, allowing you to go at your own pace and guide the lesson exactly where you want!

Are you feeling serious about belly dance? Consider a private! Maybe you’re a beginner with some burning questions and yearning for some specific attention to posture and alignment. Great! Solidifying healthy practice techniques and habits early on in your dance journey will set you up for a bright future and longevity as a dancer. Intermediate-Advanced dancers: Got something you’re working on? Shimmies, spins, stage presence, posture, musicality, etc… or perhaps you’re looking for a complimentary fitness routine to boost stamina and increase balance and flexibility… You got it! Have an upcoming performance? Work with Danielle to develop some combinations and/or a choreography just for you!

Danielle weaves together her university dance degree, a lifetime of diverse dance training experiences, with other physical, artistic, and educational specialties to find the best “dance plan” for you. Expect exponential growth!

Book a private with Danielle at her personal studio, or a location near you. Email Danielle directly for rates and scheduling. Sessions can be anywhere between 30 mins and 2 hrs, and can be weekly, monthly, or whatever your schedule and personal dance goals permit!

*Small Group Lessons*

Danielle also teaches customizable lessons for groups of 3 or less. If you and your pals want to train together, contact Danielle today to set up something special!

“Danielle is a clear and concise teacher, able to tune into her students ability level and tailor the class to the exact level of challenge that is optimal for the student.” -Heather