Class Cards

Class card draft 1

Class cards are available for purchasing a bulk of classes at a discount.

4 classes for $52 or 8 classes for $92.

This great deal comes with some specific details so please read below:

Class cards are non-refundable. Our class cards differ from a “drop-in” model. Purchasing a “class card” essentially signs you up for 4 or 8 consecutive classes (at a discount from the regular $15/class drop in fee).

If a student is unable to make a class within the 4/8 week period, they forfeit that class.* This is to ensure that: A) our small studio is utilized to it’s greatest extent. Our current studio only holds about 4 students. Classes fill up fast, and students may be wait-listed for a “sold out” session. An empty room is a lesson lost for you and potentially another student. And B) to facilitate greater overall effectiveness of your dance education. We appreciate your commitment to learning, and hope you enjoy our commitment to teaching and building on skills and concepts each and every week! You can always “drop-in” to classes for $15 if you are unable to commit to a 4 or 8 week stretch.

Click HERE to purchase a 4 class card for $52

Click HERE to purchase an 8 class card for $92

When purchasing online, please let me know what class you’re signing up for and the date you’ll be joining us!

*If, due to an emergency, students are unable able to commit to a set of classes already purchased, credit can be used toward a private lesson, or specialty workshop. Contact Danielle directly for pricing and availability: