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Current Group Class Offerings:

 drum handsBaksana style classes : Weekly on Sundays

Baksana Belly Dance focuses on folk-fusion belly dance, improvisation, and musicality.
Classes consist of earthy dance combinations and finger cymbals (although cymbals are not required) and will occasionally be team-taught with other Baksana members…


Finger Cymbals & Dance Drills 12-1pm

Baksana Improvisational Vocabulary 1-2pm

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Upcoming Offerings:

April 2018...


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Here are some other common classes, not currently – but frequently offered:

Improvisation & Composition

Based heavily on my university studies on improvisation and composition in contemporary dance, this class will essentially be split into 3 parts.  We will begin by investigating various techniques for generating new and authentic movement via improvisation games, tips, and tools. Class will start out with basics, and then have the option to increase in complexity with additional layering to allow each student to work at their personal level. Finally we will spend some time exploring how to use some of the improvisational techniques we touched on earlier in class to craft into the dance phrase, and share our findings with each other. This class will be excellent for students committed to personal investigation and developing their dance voice. Other benefits include laughter, unexpected growth, and options for performance. Class will also include a short warm up and cool down.

This class is all levels but a minimum of 6 months of recent dance study is suggested.

FUN-damentals of Belly Dance

This class is intended to be a clear and conscientious introduction of fundamental belly dance movements. We will detail the most common shapes and isolations, add some basic foot patterns and classic arm positions, and focus on strong healthy posture. Short combinations will guide us in tie-ing things together to see the big picture in learning the art of belly dance. We will also practice warm ups and cool downs that aid in the development of key muscle groups essential for executing graceful belly dance movements.

This is a beginner level class, but great for any level dancer who is wanting to focus on / revisit strong foundational technique.

Intermediate/Advanced Technique for Belly Dance

Strong technique is a main part of the foundation of a graceful and successful dancer. For this hour, we will maintain perfect posture and intentional movements while drilling belly dance isolations and having fun with brain-teasing layers. We will slow things way down, and speed things way up to test our cleanliness as well as build stamina. This will be a great work-out for the mind as well as the body!

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Danielle offers dance instruction for beginners through advanced students. She is dedicated to creating a safe and enjoyable learning experience for all who seek her instruction. Some of her personal ethics and commitments to the practice of teaching are as follows:

Students will receive clear and honest dance instruction with attention to posture/alignment, muscle awareness, energy, and pacing of new concepts. Classes will be structured with balanced bodies in mind and will include a warm up and cool down to prepare and compliment practice. Danielle strives to see each dancer clearly as individuals, “where they are at”, and students will be presented with appropriate options and variations for movements so everyone is dancing at their personal best level, and achieving the most out of the practice. Availability for questions before and after class, as well as honest/helpful feedback, is par for the course.

“The experience I had in the Studio with Danielle was irreplaceable.” -Shoko


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