Danielle began dancing at age 7 and took years of tap, jazz & ballet classes. In highschool she switched to private ballet lessons and competitive marching band color-guard, where she was introduced to modern dance.

She graduated “cum laude” with her BFA in mixed-media and performance art in 2007 from Alfred University in New York, where she focused heavily on visual art and contemporary dance in tandem. Her professors introduced her to post-modern and contemporary dance techniques, improvisation and composition, and brought in visiting artists from around the country teaching a variety of styles such as West African, Indian Kathak, and Japanese Butoh.

She began belly dancing at the age of 15, when seeking a form of dance she could practice at home instead of at a studio. She fell in love not only with the intricate, sequential, and musical movements, but also with the history and cultural richness connected with dances from the Middle East. Nearly 20 years later, Danielle has taught and performed belly dance world-wide, from her home in the Pacific North West & across the US, to China, Europe and many places between. She also is a certified hatha and vinyasa yoga instructor.

Danielle has made the Pacific North West her home since 2007, and has been involved with projects such as Mizu Diserto’s Water in the Desert and Rachel Brice’s Datura project. She performs with many live musical ensembles, in theatrical productions as well as private events. She is the co-director of 2 live music and dance ensembles: Baksana (Portland, OR) and Arcana (Oakland, CA) and has recently co-authored and published a book on finger cymbal notation technique.

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