May 2015 Unique Class Offerings

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Two unique class offerings: May 2015

Greetings glorious dancers, Happy Spring!
Join me in May for a unique instruction opportunity:

This May I’ll be offering a 6-week series of small group classes in my personal studio on Wednesday evenings. By “small group” I mean keeping it to 3-5 students max per class. In this way, I hope to be able to offer the best of both worlds – getting as close to a one on one scenario as possible, with lots of personal attention and helpful feedback, while also keeping the community feeling of learning in a group of like minded people. My vision for this series is to offer a devoted practice, not only a “work-out” but a place where dancers can really grow, and where I can have the ability (via small class size) to invest in each dancer to a greater degree. ❤

There will be a Basic level (6:45-7-45pm)
and an Intermediate/Advanced level (7:45-8:45pm)
Address: Studio EP – 1847 E. Burnside

The “Basic” class will be appropriate for all levels of dancers wanting to (re)connect with the roots of all fundamental belly dance isolations. We’ll be focusing on a variety of different ways to power movements, while keeping really close eye on alignment and carriage. We’ll have lots of fun drills and combinations! Again, this is for people new to belly dance and for the experienced dancer dedicated to drilling. A wise person never forgets the value of beginner’s mind.

The Intermediate/Advanced class will focus more on complex layering of isolations, as well as quality of movement. We’ll delve into musicality, finger cymbals, and more involved combinations which will address dynamics and “the spirit” of dance. Improvisation will also be practiced in this class!

Both classes will be accompanied by live piano, flute, percussion music from Paul Evans. What a way to practice!

In mid-June, I hope to celebrate our 6 week journey with an intimate hafla at the studio. I’d like to showcase your excellent work with solos and duets featuring some of the combinations we worked on, as well as some improvisation.

Pre-register by following the link to my Instruction page and clicking on the paypal button:

or just send $90 via paypal to and please note which session you are signing up for (basic or int/adv).

As always, I am available for private lessons, and specific focused sessions of dancer’s requests.

Thank you so much, I look forward to seeing you in the studio!




New Winter/Spring Class info!

It is one of my greatest passions to share my heart’s language, dance, with curious and eager students. To facilitate moments of joyful and empowering self-realization. To listen and learn, intentionally and creatively, all that we can from each other, in each moment, on this crazy journey called “life”.

I’ve recently posted information about my winter/spring Portland belly dance class offerings on my “instruction” page. So please, take a look, and I hope to share some of my work with *you*!

Love- Danielle

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Class offerings at a glance

January Classic Belly Dance Series: Thursday nights, 1/8-1/22 at Studio Datura

February Finger Cymbals: Sunday afternoons, 2/1-2/22 at Euphoria Studios

Basic Belly Dance: Wednesday nights starting 2/4 at Studio EP

Baksana Format Level 1 & 2: Sunday afternoons 3/1-3/29 at Euphoria Studios