New class, cymbal book & more!

Dance friends, life has been so full this past year! Becoming a mother has been the most amazing and all consuming experience. After a bit of maternity leave to heal and connect with this new aspect of life I stepped back into dance and yoga part-time (although really, one does not “punch a clock” in the realm of art).

New Intro to Belly Dance Class in Vancouver! Follow link for more info!


One of my first performances post-baby was with the amazing Michelle Alany and The Mystics. I enjoy dancing with them so much! This is from a recent show in Portland, produced by Artichoke Music.


Baksana will delight faire goers! Debuting in 2018 at The Oregon Renaissance Faire and returning with joy to Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire. Photo Dan Hill

22289822_10155671203076772_3595367176437040147_o.jpgand then in the fall with Arcana Music and Dance at the Northern California Renaissance Faire (left). These places (and people) hold a very special place in my heart. I love performing for the diverse audiences. Unsuspecting passers-by get a taste of belly dance culture and music they often weren’t expecting, and always come up to ask questions afterward. I love connecting with more historical roots, and being a part of a long lineage of dancers, especially at the Northern California Renaissance Faire that have inspired generations of movers and shakers. It’s wonderful to return year after year, and have many audience members do the same.

Cymbal BOOK!

A few years back I wrote an essay on the importance of intentionality while playing cymbals when dancing. This year we’re taking it full steam ahead with online challenges and prizes to connect more with the community at large! Follow our instagram to join us on our journey.

Baksana co-director Paul Evans and I finished writing and releasing a book on finger cymbal technique! This was a big feat for us, and we debuted it at JamballahNW with a wonderful group of students. The book is now available to purchase here: at our online store

As always, I am available for Skype lessons, and in person private lessons if you’re in town. Contact me at You can follow my instagram for updates on shows and snippets of classes, performances, and inspiration throughout the year.