New Winter/Spring Class info!

It is one of my greatest passions to share my heart’s language, dance, with curious and eager students. To facilitate moments of joyful and empowering self-realization. To listen and learn, intentionally and creatively, all that we can from each other, in each moment, on this crazy journey called “life”.

I’ve recently posted information about my winter/spring Portland belly dance class offerings on my “instruction” page. So please, take a look, and I hope to share some of my work with *you*!

Love- Danielle

Email Header 1 drum copy

Class offerings at a glance

January Classic Belly Dance Series: Thursday nights, 1/8-1/22 at Studio Datura

February Finger Cymbals: Sunday afternoons, 2/1-2/22 at Euphoria Studios

Basic Belly Dance: Wednesday nights starting 2/4 at Studio EP

Baksana Format Level 1 & 2: Sunday afternoons 3/1-3/29 at Euphoria Studios


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